Use Your Roof as an Energy Resource

We rent roof-space, install solar panels and offer our landlords predictably-priced electricity. Typically we’re 30-40% less than business electricity prices.

Helping Schools become Energy Efficient

We work in-person and online to help schools reduce energy usage, educate the kids about energy – and save carbon.

Join Brighton Energy Coop

By joining BEC you’ll be supporting a positive local community project  – and helping install lots more renewabel energy!

Clean Business Electricity at a Decent Price

Your roof is an invaluable resource to reduce carbon and bolster your pocket.

We rent your roof space and then offer you cheap electricity from the solar panels overhead; in this way a large chunk of your energy consumption can go ‘off grid’ – and carbon free.

We sell electricity from our solar systems at around 11p a kilowatt hour. This can save your business thousands of pounds a year on electricity bills – just as we do with our fifty current partners.

Find out more about becoming a BEC partner here.  Some businesses are eligible for a grant through our Community Solar Accelerator scheme.  Find out about our grants here.

Total investment raised in the community

Large-scale solar installations built in and around Brighton & Hove

Members of Brighton Energy Co-op - and rising!

Ethical Investments not fossil fuel

Joining BEC

Joining BEC means you’ll be supporting a positive local community effort to build renewables in our area.

We have a series of new solar projects starting in late 2021: the minimum shareholding is £300; the maximum is £100,000.

For more details on becoming a Brighton Energy Co-operative member see here.

Latest News

We are actively involved in developing new solar projects, electric vehicle charge points as well as administering our solar grant scheme for the EU. Find out more about what we’re up to in our latest News

Hove Park Upper & Lower Schools, Brighton

Community Investment in Brighton Solar

We raise money via investment from the wider community. By pooling resources it’s possible to raise large amounts of cash – other UK community energy organisations have raised as much as £20m of community investment for community energy projects in their locales.

To raise money and install solar panels we sell shares in Brighton Energy Co-op, a form of co-operative known as a Community Benefit Society (CBS). Shareholders become members of BEC. A CBS is radically different from a normal company – each member in the society has one vote, for example (regardless of the amount invested) and the maximum investment is £100,000.

Community Investment in Brighton Solar