Hi folks,

It’s been a dynamic few weeks here at BEC. I’m very pleased to say that we’ve so far raised more than £120,000, which has helped us begin our installation at Shoreham Port.

After two years of work on the project, visiting the roofs at Shoreham is quite an experience. I stood there this afternoon and couldn’t quite beleive that it was two years ago today that I organised our first public meeting. It’s been dramatic – hundreds of hours of work and a many obstacles overcome. Yet the enthusiasm of our many supporters has kept the team movitated to continue.

So once again we are looking for your support. With just three weeks to go until the end of our share offer period, we are still looking for a further £65,000 to complete installations at City Coast Church and St George’s Church.

If you’re considering investing, therefore, I’d encourage you to make your investment as soon as possible. Some payments need to be made before installation starts and our installers – Brighton-based South Downs Solar – are keen to get on roofs as quickly as possible.

Investors will get a 4% return on their investment, starting year 3, as well as the opportunity for income and inheritance tax breaks.

It’s also a chance to get involved in Brighton’s first community-owned solar scheme. As a community organisation BEC has already surveyed 50 homes for their energy efficiency, begun installing local solar arrays – and we have many more plans in the pipeline.

By getting involved you have the opportunity to be a part of our good work.

If you’ve any questions we are running a Q&A meeting at Koba, Western Road tomorrow evening from 7.30. Do come along – it’s your chance to discuss the intricacies of the project and how the whole thing works.

Finally, one of our directors, the unstoppable Damain Tow, has also been heavily involved with the EcoTechnology Show, which happens this weekend at the Amex Stadium. Damian has secured free entry to the show for BEC supporters – just mention the code BEC170 when you book. There’s also a free presentation on Friday morning with Tony Book of Riomay titled ‘Renewables – do they have a future?’ If you’re interested in that please register at http://tinyurl.com/c2oev3o

I hope you are well


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