Brighton Energy Coop has just qualified for EIS tax status.

This means investors in BEC can claim 30% of the money they invested into Brighton Energy Coop as an EIS tax rebate.

To do this, email info (at) and we’ll then provide you with a certificate, which you then pass on to the taxman. Please note you need to be already paying tax to qualify for this!

You can claim now for 2012-13 investment (against last year’s tax bill) or claim back the EIS tax rebate any time over the next few years. 2012-13 tax bills can be amended after the 31/03 deadline for the next couple of months so you can submit returns now and add the EIS claim in a few weeks time.

Indeed, you can also claim it back directly via the form on the back of the certificate.

The contact details for the EIS team are below if anyone wants to contact them directly.
Small Company Enterprise Centre (Admin team)
South Wing
1st Floor, Fitzroy House
Castle Meadow Road
Tel: 0845 600 2622

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