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I’m pleased to say that a staggering £290,000 has now been pledged to Brighton Energy Coop’s latest community solar PV schemes.

This excellent achievement has been done by BEC members both old and new; nearly 100 people have said they’ll support our new solar PV projects – which we’ll be announcing in the next few days.

As it happened – pledges to BEC’s latest fundraising efforts since December 2017

Historically, 90% of our pledgees have come good on their pledges – as would be expected from such a virtuous lot! This is BEC’s sixth fund-raising round, and will add to the £1.6m (and previously pledged) that we’ve raised in the past six years.

During this time we’ve built many solar arraysour new crop will add three new commercial premises to our roster of solar landlords; all of whom save significantly on their electricity bill.

If you’re interested in getting involved with our latest solar arrays then you can pledge your interest here. Members receive a projected 5% return on their investment, and the chance to get involved in new PV projects in our area.

All the best

Will, BEC

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