Carden Primary School – 180kWp of new community-owned solar planned for the new year

Hi folks,

I’m very pleased to say that we’ve just launched the latest of our new community-funded solar projects. We’ve been beavering away for the last six months to get these great projects ready to go – you can join BEC to help us make it happen.

BEC’s New Projects

The first of the projects are schools, the first of a tranche of educational buildings that we’ll continue to let you know about over the next few months. We’ve been working with the innovative staff at Woodingdean, Coldean and Carden Primary Schools for some months, and we aim to build some impressive solar projects there in the new year.

Woodingdean Primary solar energy

Woodingdean Primary School – the new home for 60kWp of new solar

The other two projects are with long-time BEC collaborators, the University of Brighton and Shoreham Port. Grand Parade in central Brighton will be the home of 60kWp of new BEC solar with your support, as will the newly constructed Lady Bee business centre at the Port.

Lady Bee business Centre Solar
The design for the Lady Bee business Centre – 90kWp of community owned solar will soon adorn the innovative roof

Of course, we can’t do this without your help. Your investment is what makes everything happen; if you’re interested in helping us build more community-owned renewable energy then you can join here, or check out our quick tips for investing below. Investments receive a projected 5% interest; the minimum investment is £300 and the maximum £100,000

There’s Never Been a Time when we need Renewable Energy More

At a time when carbon emissions are increasing, we need new renewables more than ever. I was shocked recently when various government figures (including Environment Minister Micheal Gove) wrote to constituents who had asked about the end of the Feed in Tariff. Using a standard response, Mr Gove, Oliver Letwin, Sarah Wollaston, Craig Whittaker,  (and others) put forward their position, saying renewables “may be a part of the low carbon future” (my emphasis).

Well, some of us think differently. Renewables are fundamental to a low-carbon future, and I hope you can join me in supporting the new solar projects outlined here – do let me know if you’ve any questions.


Will Cottrell, Chairman, Brighton Energy Coop

Quick Tips For Investing Brighton Energy Coop

Step 1 – Check out our share invitation document

It’s available here; particularly important is the financials on pages seven and eight. It also gives you information about the projects your membership will help fund, what it means to become a members, the BEC team, and a lot more.

Step 2 – Have a look at the list of projects we’re looking to build

On pages 3-6 you’ll find the five projects we’re looking to build, including the various schools, the University of Brighton and a business centre. We’ve more coming on board all the time – in the New year we hope to announce several further solar systems, so watch this space.

Step 3 – Have a look at the BEC organisation

It’s worth checking out the facts about our organisation here. In the last few years we’ve grown substantially so this gives you details of the organisation you’re investing in. You might also like to have a look at our annual accounts.

How to join BEC

Click here. You’ll be asked to enter the amount you’d like to invest, and then taken to our online payment system. After entering your membership details you can then make your investment via bank transfer or a one-off direct debit.


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