Another Brighton & Hove school to get FREE SolarPV – funded by community energy in action!

Coldean Primary School is home to 370 four to eleven year olds, and another pioneer of Brighton and Hove City Council’s solar schools program. Our new 60kWp solar system will provide a fine decoration for the school’s roofs, and will sit just up the road from BEC’s 3-year old solar system at Varley Halls, part of the University of Brighton campus. Let’s get solar on Coldean’s roof!

Are you a teacher or a parent with children in school in Brighton and Hove? | Urgent action required

Tell your schools to act now!

Brighton Energy Coop is a Brighton and Hove City Council – approved contractor to roll out free solar on our city’s schools.

Schools can now host solar panels at no cost, and save significant amounts on their electriciy bills each year.

But there is a time limit!

Offer of FREE Solar PV to Brighton and Hove schools ends








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