Dear All,
The call to action is in response to GTRailways (Southern, Thameslink, Gatwick Express) who have are now consulting on their £15m Community Benefit Fund which they have had to set-up to compensate for all the delays and disputes etc over the four years!
  • The consultation is going until August.
  • Sign up below and in doing so encourage GTR towards our vision of Zero Carbon and get them talking to our Local Community Energy groups?
  • Stimulate social impact and low carbon travel
You visit and log in to where you register to form part of the panel and then are linked into a survey monkey its easy where you will be pleased to find that the first two tick boxes are for solar and station gardens, bee’s etc. There is an option for other areas the fund can go into which again provides the option for you to promote and recommend Community Energy.
Please promote Community Energy by mentioning your local community energy group, and
  • If you like let me know how you get on and I’ll share feedback into this group.
  • Please also circulate to your networks and into your groups
Lets get GTR really into sustainable energy and on the route to zero carbon and low carbon travel. rewilding and speeding up this change.
Best wishes and happy sunny summer to you all,
Ollie Pendered
Chief Executive
Community Energy South
The Hub
2 Station Street

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