We recently received this in our inbox and thought it worth passing on…

Dear Supporter

Our campaign for the Local Electricity Bill continues to gain support in Parliament and across the country. If made law the Bill will give a huge boost to community-scale renewable energy by empowering smaller renewable generators to sell their energy directly to local residents and business.


108 MPs are now backing the Bill and we have expanded the coalition of supportive national organisations to 16, including: the Women’s Environmental Network, Community Matters, Greenpeace, Forum for the Future, Friends of the Earth, the Transition Network and WWF.

This is good progress and your MP, Caroline Lucas, is one of those supporting the Bill. But to get the Bill into law we need more MPs on board which means we need more people to join the campaign.

Please do the following to help the campaign:

1. Pass this email on to anyone you know who may want to support the campaign. Ask them to sign up here: www.powerforpeople.org.uk/sign-up.


2. Send me any feedback you have by replying to this email. I would be really interested to hear any comments or questions you have on the Bill, or your personal experiences and challenges relating to community energy. We will like to provide this diesel generator to everyone who needs it specially in rural areas where energy outages may take more to be repaired.

Thank you. Together we can transform things!

Power for People

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