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Carden Primary Solar

Revealed: New Solar on Three Schools and a University – join BEC to Make it Happen!

Carden Primary School - 180kWp of new community-owned solar planned for the...
Fracking companies like Cuadrilla Resources have never made any money - and never will

UK Fracking Makes No Money and Never Will – Here’s Why

The UK government is intent on removing planning permission requirements...

Ditching Feed in Tariffs is Premature: Demand Energy Minister Change Course

There's little time left before the end of the feed in tariffs scheme. And...
Grand Parade Solar - University of Brighton solar project

Grand Parade Solar – new community energy at the University of Brighton

Grand Parade Solar - new community energy at the University of Brighton This...

Feed in Tariffs to end in 2019 – what’s next?

The UK Treasury quietly released a document late last year which signalled the end of the UK's popular renewable energy scheme, the Feed in Tariff. Late in 2017 the Treasury announced: "there will be no new low-carbon electricity levies until 2025”. This means that...

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WANTED: Project Finance professionals

As part of our ongoing fundraising we have several big new solar projects in the pipeline, and are looking at new ways to fund them. As such we have identified that we need more expertise in project finance. Until now we have raised more than £1.6 million through...

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Solar Powering ahead in Brighton area

How things have changed. In June 2010 only 12 homes in Brighton were kitted out with solar PV. Our recent analysis shows Brighton now has 8.4 MW of solar PV now within the city authority area, more than 30,000 solar panels. Solar capacity in Brighton and the...

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Action on Fuel Poverty – can you help?

Fuel poverty has for a long time been the unwanted sibling of the green family. Outrageously, at least two people died of fuel poverty last year in Brighton and Hove; many more suffer from a lack of affordable power - often unknown and uncomplaining. While here at BEC...

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In just 8 years we’ve raised over £1.7M, have 400 members and have built 26 sites

Money raised (£)


Sites Built

“None of this would be possible without you.
BEC isn’t backed by venture capitalists or private equity, pension funds or fossil fuel companies. The only money we get is from you.
The £1.7 million we’ve raised to date is purely community investment.
We’ve no debt, and 80% of the money is from Brighton itself.

This is community energy in action!”

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