aerial view solar panels Amberley Museum

Solar on Amberley Museum’s Connected Earth Building – Connecting to the Sun Pays Off!

BEC Solar at Amberley Museum - the equivalent of planting 1500 trees a year!...

Brighton Energy Co-op Strategy April 2021

BEC | Three Year Strategy April 2021   1. Vision – to see a high level of...

GMBC’s Brighton City Airport campus goes solar March 2021

Aircraft Maintenance & Motor Engineering Campus gets 60kW - 31 March 2021...

Earth Day Today sees more Environmental Campaigners in Jail than Ever Before

EARTH DAY celebrates its 51st birthday today. Established in 1970 as a mass...

Since 2010 we’ve raised over £3M, have 600 members and have built 63 sites

Money raised (£)


Sites Built


 “None of this would be possible without you.

BEC isn’t backed by venture capitalists or private equity, pension funds or fossil fuel companies. The only money we get is from you, our Members.
The £3 million we’ve raised to date is purely community investment.
We’ve no debt, and 80% of the money is from Brighton itself.

 This is community energy in action!”




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Contact us here with any of your questions about Brighton Energy Co-op, community energy, sustainable investment or our#SolarForSchools campaign.

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