Brighton Energy Coop is hiring!

As a fast-growing community organisation, BEC has more than 15000 solar panels installed around our region and 700 local people have invested 3 million pounds in us.

And, as it turns out, one of the great things about renewable energy is that we are largely unaffected by the pandemic.

So: our available role has a strong emphasis on communications, but it’s also about managing our community-focused outreach, as well as working on our electric vehicle charge point programme.

For details of the role, have a look at the role description here. Then, please answer the questions below, and attach a current CV.

It’s not necessary to have experience of all the below, but the more you can input, the stronger your application will be. If you’d like to produce more than just the text required below (graphics etc) feel free to include links to them.

Don’t forget that comms these days is more than just words – images, videos, and social media capability are just as important to get the message across.

We’ve had some problems with our application form, so while applications previously closed on 23/9/2020, we’ve extended that to the 28/9/20.

Your Application

  • Notes: the role includes overseeing the delivery of our Community Fund, a 6000 pound yearly fund that pays for in-school assembly and workshop presentations (about solar and renewable energy) at the schools where we site some of our solar panels. This requires liasing with schools, and service providers (OVESCO in Lewes), as well as overseeing costs and delivery of the service.
  • Notes: another aspect of the role is communicating with our audience about what BEC is up to. We have 1500 people on our Facebook, 700 members and 1000 people on our wider mailing list. To complete Input 2, pick three or four elements from our blog or our Facebook, and write a hypothetical newsletter to our membership. The newsletter could also (but doesn’t have to) include renewable energy news; local events or national events of interest to members, and any funding opportunities that our membership might be interested in. Feel free to produce any graphics.
  • Notes: BEC is involved in installing electric vehicle charging points at 6 or our solar sites (Brighton University, Ore Valley College, Amberley Museum, Bolney Wine Estate, Maidstone FC, Shoreham Port). The idea is that people who park their cars at the sites can use the charge points – which are powered partly by our solar systems. A key aspect is to work out who is going to use these charge points, both now and in the future, what the barriers to them using it and how to overcome it. That's largely a communications exercise, so let us know your suggestions.
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