Coles Automotive Ltd- Tender Call Solar PV & EVCP

Coles Automotive Ltd are looking to commission the installation of Solar PV on their 2 roofs. The array size will need to match their current annual electric consumption of 28,500kWh and account for additional EV charging points.

They are looking to make use of the South-facing aspect of their green roof and the South/West-aspect of the brown roof (see image below).

The expected timetable is to have the works done by Oct/ Nov 2022.


Coles Automotive Ltd repair vehicles, MOT testing station and are an EV servicing centre. They are located in the South Downs National Park.

Location: Coles Automotive Ltd, Edburton, West Sussex, BN5 9LN

Project Details

We would like to see the following items in your proposal:

  • Cost breakdown of material and labour (ideally individual material costs visible)
  • Make, model and warranties of solar panels, inverters and installation
  • Estimated time scale to carry out the installation
  • It is a plus if the installer holds MCS certification and RECC membership.
  • Expected lead time for the installation
  • The proposals can be done as desktop surveys. The successful bidder is expected to carry out a site visit to confirm the costs

Proposal return deadline: 12th Aug 2022

Award Criteria and Procurement Process

Proposals submitted will be assessed by Coles Automotive Ltd against the following criteria:

  • Are the items listed above included in the quote?
  • Length of warranties on materials and workmanship
  • Installers qualifications, certifications and reputation
  • Value-for-money
  • Installers location
  • Lead times

Coles Automotive Ltd will notify bidders of our procurement decision in August/September 2022.

We will let bidders know whether or not they have been successful by email.

Please send your proposal via email to Alexander Cole by 12th Aug 2022.