Existing projects


In 2012 we raised £240,000 for solar PV in Brighton and Portslade. So far these solar systems have generated more than 140,000 kwH of electricity, or enough to boil the kettle a million times.

total output

Our systems have saved more than 1,000 tonnes of CO2, generated more than £20,000 and saved our solar landlords thousands on their electricity bills.

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total cumulative output



Shoreham Port

At Shoreham Port (below) we have solar PV on five buildings at the Hove Enterprise Centre. Each has a slightly different pitch and orientation; electricity feeds into the Enterprise Centre and to the nearby supply that feeds yacht charging points and the port’s water pumps.

HEC google earthhec output20120619_124133

City Coast Church

At City Coast Church in Portslade we take advantage of both a pitched and a flat roof space with a 35Kw array.

city coast outputCity Coast from space


St George’s Church

We installed a 10kw PV system on the south-facing roof of St George’s Church in Kemptown in August 2012.

Brighton Energy co-op - Solar Panels-21

Electricity from the solar panels feeds into the community centre in the crypt below the main church hall.

st georges from space

Each year our solar PV saves the church hundreds of pounds on their electricity bill.

st georges output