Rooftops are Energy Resources

Solar is an simple way to go green and increase your self-sufficiency. By adding solar to your roof you turn it into a long-term asset.

Our partners lease their roofs to BEC to build our high-performance solar PV systems. We then supply them with the cheap electricity from the solar panels.

Nearly 40 organisations have 25-year Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) like this with BEC. and our solar provides between 50 & 100% of their power. Our partners include:

  • Local Authorities such as Brighton and Hove City Council & Adur and Worthing District Council
  • Commercial & Industrial clients including ports, leisure centres, museums, engineering companies, logistics hubs, football clubs – even a wine estate!
  • Colleges, Universities and schools including The University of Brighton, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College & fifteen local schools.

Case Study – A May School Day

  • Blue – School Total Electricity Usage (kWh)
  • Red – Electricity produced from the solar system (kWh)
  • Yellow – Solar electricity used by the school

On this day in May 2019 BEC solar provided 58% of this Brighton school’s electricity needs

How it Works

Step 1 - Site Survey

A free remote analysis of your roof and half-hourly electricity usage. This creates a solar design detailing

  • how much solar electricity you’ll use,
  • yearly carbon impact
  • how much money you’ll save.
Step 2 - Sign Partnership Agreements

Together we agree to lease the space just above your roof. We believe cleaning your energy supply is a long-term project and as such we look for 20-25 year agreements.

We worked closely with Brighton Energy to install solar PV on our four sites in Worthing and Brighton. BEC have been helpful, responsive to our requirements, and really straightforward to work with.” Jon Rollings, Head of Facilities, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, April 2021


Solar on Brighton MET College’s newly-built Central Brighton Campus, looking over the new entranceway.

Step 3 - Crowdfunding the Money

We crowdfund the money to pay for the solar panels. In the last 10 years we’ve raised £3,500,000 for new solar PV projects – from our dedicated support base of more than 600 micro-investors. You might be interested in viewing our annual accounts to see how we’ve turned the business of solar into a flourishing community enterprise.

Step 4 - Installation
Buildings are complex beasts so throughout the installation process we liaise closely with your facilities team. We see solar installation as a collaborative effort: in our experience there is minimal disruption to your normal operations and installation usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Installation of a 400-panel BEC system with our installation partner – GenFit.

Step 5 - Operations & Maintenance

Our maintenance crews carry out annual electrical checks and cleaning – and we keep a close eye on our online montoring to assess electricity generated and used

Case Study – Refine Metals, Surrey

Refine Metals-BEC

By hosting BEC solar on their 1500 square meter roof, Refine Metals in Surrey save more than £7000 each year on electricity costs.

Installed in the summer of 2016 BEC funded the system; Refine now buys electricity from BEC at a discounted rate and saves more than 40 tonnes of carbon each year.

BEC’s Refine Metals project was developed by the Brighton Energy Coop team and installed by GenerationFIT.

Annual Savings on Refine's Electricity Bill (£)

CO2 Emission Saved (tons per year)

Get in Contact

Becoming a BEC partner means an immediate reduction in your carbon footprint, as well as regular reporting and feedback on savings – financial and environmental – made.

If you’re interested in what it means to become a BEC partner – or have a roof you’re interested in taking solar, then drop us a line and we’ll be right back to you.

Case Study – Portslade Academy, West Sussex

Refine Metals-BEC

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy collaborates with Brighton Energy Coop to house 400 community-owned solar panels.

The solar provides the school with cheap electricity and saves thousands on their electricity bills each year. These systems generate a substantial proportion of the energy used to operate the school; the PV system was developed by our in-house team and was built by GenerationFIT.

Annual Savings on PACA's Electricity Bill (£)

CO2 Emission Saved (tons per year)