Brighton Energy Co-op is offering a paid Project Development internship to help our community-owned solar business expand.

This is a great way to gain insight into a community-owned renewable energy organisation. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to spend time with the successful Brighton Energy Co-op team, understand the career path of the Directors, as well as get a reference and valuable field experience.

Interns are paid at national living wage rates here.

Why are we looking for a Project Development (PD) intern?

BEC is growing and looking to develop new renewable energy sites.  We want to expand our PD staff and start brining through the future generation of community energy workers. 

What are the tasks the intern will tackle?

1/ Learning and developing the process of finding new sites for community energy. You will work with our in-house team, learning our unique and successful approach to site procurement.

2/ Contacting potential new clients to discuss what BEC can offer. You will learn the best way to approach different kinds of clients, developing your online and face to face skills, as you encourage new contacts to join the community energy revolution.

3/ Putting together proposals for new clients. Once you have potential sites on board, we will take you through the stringent process of putting together proposals.

4/ Understanding and participating in the process involved in getting a project from beginning to end. You will take part in the end-to-end project, from planning stage to final implementation. 

We are looking for someone with:

  1. An interest in community energy
  2. An interest in people
  3. Communication skills
  4. Experience or interest in PD
  5. Some understanding of basic electricity
  6. Tenacity

Who are our internships available to?

Internships are eligible to recent graduates or post-graduates, interested in working in the environmental sector or a purpose-driven business.

Our office is in Brighton, so we’re looking for candidates from the Brighton area.     Placement is for 100 hours to be completed before the end of June 2021.    


Apply for an Internship at BEC

How do I register my interest?

To register your interest in the internship with BEC please fill in the form here. Applications closes 17:00 on Friday 2nd April 2021.

Before applying

Before applying, have a good dig around on our website. Have a look at what we do, what we’ve been doing lately, and our background. There are several hundred community energy groups like BEC around the country – for more about that, have a look here.

  • Notes: let us know what motivates you. Why would you like to get involved in BEC? What do you think the internship role is about and what is positive or negative about it?
  • Notes: if you have no relevant experience, let us know about your interest in solar/ renewable energy/ community business. We love people who are upbeat and ready to take on any task (go-getters can usually handle stress and have great problem solving skills). Do you see the glass as half full, or half empty? If you have relevant experience, let us know how it could help us out. Demonstrate the strengths and benefits you will bring to the party!
  • Notes: do you have an eye for detail? Are you good at churning through stuff and just getting it done? Perhaps you're good at finding out things - and then presenting it?
  • Notes: let us know of somehow you respect - and why. This could be anyone - but perhaps the qualities that you admire in them reflect something about you?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Any problems with this form let us know via the contact form