Brighton Energy Coop is offering paid internships to help our community-owned solar business.

This is a great way to gain insight into a community-owned renewable energy organisation. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to spend time with the successful Brighton Energy Coop team, understand the career path of the directors as well as get a reference and valuable field experience.

Interns are paid at national living wage rates here.

Why are we looking for interns?

In a organisation like BEC, there are lots of small tasks that get put on the back burner – and stay there. We’ve turned these into several 40-hour ‘mini projects’ for interns to complete.

What are the tasks that interns will tackle?

1/ Getting into the detail of the communications between BEC’s solar systems and head office in Brighton. We need to collate details of the various platforms and contracts that we use, their renewal dates etc. No experience required; this module will help you understand how solar systems are monitored and the platforms used (BEC uses 5). Would suit someone with a technical/ procedural/ administrative mindset.

2/ Revising the BEC Operations Manual. BEC is a complicated organisation, and is growing all the time. Our 70-page manual reflects what we do, and every few years we overhaul to reflect what’s been happening. This is a great opportunity to understand how a community energy organisation works top-to-bottom. We’ll support you all the way; would suit someone interested in communications/ writing/ proceedural details and it would help if you’ve written reports/ a thesis etc.

3/ Submitting BEC leases to the Land Registry. BEC’s relationships with the sites on which we host solar panels is a key plank on ensuring long-term solar generation. No experience is required here; this module will help you understand the relationships between organizations involved in generate solar power, as well as the systems required around commercial leases. Would suit someone with an interest in administrative/ commercially legal process.

4/ Creating a report on the ‘first 10 years of BEC’. BEC is ten years old this year, and having a document which explains what the organisation is and where it has come from would be a valuable asset. In 2013 the a Uni of Sussex researcher did this our first few years, as detailed here. This module is quite creative, and we’ll help you all the way through. It will require research and interviews with the directors, and give you an understanding on how a successful community energy project comes into being, as well as a useful evidence of reporting skills for your CV.

Who are the internships available to?

Internships are eligible to recent school leavers or recent graduates interested in working in the environmental sector or a purpose-driven business.

Our office is in Brighton, so we’re looking for candidates from the Brighton area.

Apply for an Internship at BEC

How do I register my interest?

To register your interest in an internship with BEC please fill in the form here. Applications closes 17.00 on Friday 23rd October 2020.

Before applying

Before applying, have a good dig around on our website. Have a look at what do, what we’ve been doing lately, and our background. There are several hundred community energy groups like BEC around the country – for more about that, have a look here.

  • Notes: let us know what motivates you. Why would you like to get involved in BEC? What do you think the internship roles are about and what's positive and negative about them?
  • Notes: Can be one, all, or a selection of the mini projects
  • Notes: if you have no relevant experience, let us know about your interest in solar/ renewable energy/ community business. We love people who are upbeat and ready to take on any task (go-getters can usually handle stress and have great problem solving skills). Do you see the glass as half full, or half empty? If you have relevant experience, let us know how it could help us out. Demonstrate the strengths and benefits you will bring to the party!
  • Notes: do you have an eye for detail? Are you good at churning through stuff and just getting it done? Perhaps you're good at finding out things - and then presenting it it. Is there one of the above intern tasks that you'll be good at?
  • Notes: let us know of somehow you respect - and why. This could be anyone - but perhaps the qualities that you admire in them reflect something about you?
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