Accounts Summary 2017/18

Our accounts for the financial year 2017/18 show that we generated a surplus of £69,422 after all expenses had been taken into account. We generated nearly £200,000 from our solar kit; most of our expenses were interest to members, and depreciation. See below for our full accounts for the year 2017/18.

Reliable Payment of Member’s Interest

We pay 5% interest to all our members; all our ongoing projects are predicted to pay 5% to everyone investing. Have a look at our latest financial accounts here to see how our organisation is getting along.

Accounts 2017/18

Thousands of Kilowatt hours generated each day

Across the year our solar PV systems pump out thousands of Kilowatt hours of clean electricity each day. We have developed, commissioned, built and operated multiple solar systems with many partners, meaning we have in-depth knowledge of the business of generating green power.