Thousands of Kilowatt hours generated each day

Across the year our solar PV systems pump out thousands of Kilowatt hours of clean electricity each day. We have developed, commissioned, built and operated multiple solar systems with many partners, meaning we have in-depth knowledge of the business of generating green power.

Reliable Payment of Member’s Interest

We pay 5% interest to all our members. For the 2015 and 2016 this was £34,000 each year to all our members; for the year 2016/17 we paid a total of £73,000 interest to our membership. Going forward, all our projects are predicted to pay 5% to everyone investing.

Our income vs our running costs

Since there’s different amounts of sunlight at different times of the year, so our income also varies across the year, while our operating costs are more static. Check out our annual accounts for more details here.

What we spent running Brighton Energy Coop last year

In our financial year 2016 we spent just over £26,000 running Brighton Energy Coop. This was £2,000 short under what we had budget; most of the expense was on administration, but we also had significant insurance costs and funds set aside to replace inverters in the future. Mouseover the pie chart to see details of our operating expenditure.

New Solar Power for our area

Over the last five years BEC has been increasing our solar capacity dramatically. We’ve built two or more new community-funded solar systems every year for the last four years.