Brighton Energy Coop helps power the University of Brighton

Saving tonnes of Carbon each year

BEC’s solar PV support the University in becoming a centre of low carbon education.

Community-owned Solar PV

Our solar systems save the Univesity thousands of pounds each year on electricity bills


Major Solar PV systems

Saved on the University's electricity bill each year (£)

The University of Brighton collaborates with BEC to lease its airspaces for solar installations. BEC paid for the three installations (at Varley Halls, the Hillbrow Sport Centre and the Robert Dodd Annex) ; in return the university pays BEC for the electricity generated by the panels. This saves approximately one third of the price of grid electricity, and providing security against fluctuating energy costs – as well as reducing the university’s carbon footprint. During the 20 years of the lease, the panels are expected to save the university over £185,000 and over 1,000 tonnes of carbon. After the lease expires, the university will take ownership of the panels at no cost and will benefit from the free electricity generated.

  • Community Funded: 100% 100%

Total Capital cost (£)

Number of BEC members investing

Annual Generation (kWh)

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