Joining Brighton Energy Coop – all you need to know!

By joining Brighton Energy Coop you’ll be part of a growing movement that’s leading the charge for renewable energy.

Investors become members of our society; and we use the money to build solar PV throughout our area.

Step 1 - Check out our Share Invitation document (you can see it below)

Have a look at our share offer invitiation (you can see it in the viewer below or download it here). Particularly important are the financials on pages 7 & 8. It also gives you information about the projects your membership will help fund, what it means to become a member, the BEC team – and a lot more.

Step 2 - Have a look at the list of new solar projects

Check out the list of projects on page 3 of the Share Invitation. We’ve nine projects listed here – in the coming months we will be announcing many further solar systems, so watch this space.

Step 3 - Have a look at the BEC organisation
It’s worth checking out our facts about our organisation here – in the last few years we’ve grown substantially and this page gives you details of the organisation you’re investing in. You might also like to have a look at our annual accounts.