BEC Membership – all you need to know!

By joining Brighton Energy Coop you’ll be part of a growing movement that’s leading the charge for renewable energy. Investors become members of our society; and we use the money to build solar PV throughout our area.

How it Works

By becoming a member you’ll be joining the largest solar developer in Brighton and Hove, and adding your voice to the gathering pace of the energy transition. Here’s information about how to join:

Step 1 - Check our our Share Invitation document (you can see it below)

Have a look at our share offer invitiation (you can see it in the viewer below). Particularly important is the financials on pages seven and eight. It also gives you information about the projects your membership will help fund, what it means to become a members, the BEC team, and a lot more.

Step 2 - Have a look at the list of projects we're looking to build

Check out the list of projects on pages 3-6. We’ve five projects listed here, including various schools, the University of Brighton and a business centre. We’ve more coming on board all the time – in the New year we hope to announce several further solar systems, so watch this space.

Step 3 - Have a look at the BEC organisation

It’s worth checking out the facts about our organisation here. In the last few years we’ve grown substantially so this gives you details of the organisation you’re investing in. You might also like to have a look at our annual accounts.