Community Energy Investment

How it works

To raise money to install solar panels we sell shares in in Brighton Energy Coop. Shareholders become members of BEC.


We aim to provide new members a return on investment of 5% a year, as we have for our existing members, starting 12-18 months after each project is installed. 5% of capital is also available for repayment each year. The minimum shareholding is £300 and the maximum is £100,000.

For more details on becoming a BEC member see our share invitation here and financial details of our 2018 projects here – or you can join Brighton Energy Coop here.

How We Raise Money

We raise money via investment from the wider community. By pooling resources it’s possible to raise large amounts of cash – other UK energy co-ops have raised as much as £20m for community energy projects.

We do this by selling shares in our legal entity, Brighton Energy Limited, a Community Benefit Society (CBS). A CBS is radically different from a normal company – each member in the society has one vote, for example (regardless of the amount invested) and the maximum investment is £100,000.


Becoming a Member

By joining BEC you help create new renewable energy systems in our area.

All members get a 5% interest on their investments, and we also fund other community groups that work on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Your membership helps build more renewable power, as well as sharing the benefit into our community.

You can see more about becoming a member in our share invitation here or you can join Brighton Energy Coop here.



Our Solar Partners

We partner with other organisations to install solar panels on their roofs.


These organisations benefit via cheap clean electricity which our panels provide.

We are constantly talking to new sites about solar: assesses solar capacity, cost savings, structural details as well as connections to the national grid.
Check out our partners here.

Eleven Thousand Community Energy Investors in the UK - and rising!

Eleven thousand people (and rising!} are members of energy coops in the UK, part of a huge grassroots effort to develop local renewable energy.

If you’re interested in joining us, click here.

Have a look at this video to see what it means to become an energy coop member.


Have a look at this video to see what it means to become an energy coop member and support green energy in your community