Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to say that we have extended our home energy survey scheme to new areas of our city.

So: if you’re in Hove, Hangleton, Southwick, Aldrington, or West Blatchington you can now have your home’s energy efficiency surveyed – for free!

These surveys normally cost £395 – if you’d like to find out more then do visit the Green Building Partnership web page, or give them a shout on here or on 01273 961272.

BEC’s home efficiency programme is part of a wider initiative – the Brighton LEAF programe.

Many people are doing good stuff around LEAF – the Low Carbon Trust, for example, are conducting a survey of people’s energy bills, building a historical picture of Brighton’s energy consumption.

Meanwhile Brighton Peace and Environment Centre are in the process of putting together a self assessment pack, allowing people to investigate what measures they could put in place themselves.

Elsewhere Brighton 10:10 ran two successful events this weekend, equipping residents with energy efficiency metres, draft excluders and other energy efficiency kit. If you’re in Hollingdean then you can still get your home efficiency survey via 10:10 – see the Green Building Partnership.

The LEAF partners have also been creating job opportunities. The Low Carbon Trust have trained two new people to support LEAF activities, and the Green Building Partnership have trained up nine new assessors, most of which are young people, including one previously unemployed young mother.

These new skills will prove invaluable when a major government incentive comes into effect later this year. The Green Deal is a big push to promote home efficiency and we expect to see a quantum leap in areas such as efficiency surveys on the back of that.

Enough for now – I will let you know how things progress.



Brighton Energy Coop


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