Artist’s impression of the Rampion array from Devil’s Dyke

Brighton Energy Coop is calling for part community ownership of the forthcoming Rampion offshore wind farm.

Along with many other groups, individuals and politicians, BEC believes that community ownership of a turbine or two would help generate widespread understanding for and social acceptance of the array, as well as the potentially controversial route of its onshore connection to the grid.

Eon, the Sussex project’s developer, plan to install more than 195 turbines 8 miles off the Brighton seafront at its nearest point. We believe that the project would benefit from local engagement with the technology and  provide a clear example of how people can contribute to a sustainable development.

Communities have certainly proved able to raise the requisite capital. A typical offshore wind turbine costs between £3-5 million; in 2008 Westmill in Oxfordshire raised £4.7m for 5 wind turbines in a field nearby. Indeed, community ownership of offshore wind is a common feature of many Danish offshore wind farms, notably the Mittelgrunden array off the shore of Copenhagen, for which locals raised more than 20m Euros.

Eon recently held a public consultation on the array, which closed earlier this month. Many groups and individuals called for a community-owned turbine, including Brighton Energy Coop and our sister coop in Lewes, OVESCO.

You can add your voice by contacting the EON Brighton office (see below) or emailing, or contact:

Chris Tomlinson
Rampion Development Manager
E.ON, 4th Floor
20 New Road
Brighton BN1 1UF
01273 603 721

Brighton Energy Coop is currently running a share offer to raise money for a 150Kw of solar PV in Brighton and Shoreham. Click here to see how you can get involved.

off the Brighton seafront at its nearest point

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