[twocol_one]On Friday night we launched our new project: 500kWp of solar PV on 7 large buildings in Brighton and beyond.

By joining Brighton Energy Coop you’ll help support our ambition, and help add more to the solar capacity of the South of England.

We aim to raise a maximum of £616,000 to fund these systems; investors are projected to receive a 5% return, as well as a 30% tax break on the amount invested. For complete details of the project, view our share invitation here.

The project is planned in 3 phases. It’s important to note that our target return on investments – 5% – is achievable by completing only phase 1.

Phase 1

A large solar array of 200kWp on Shed 10 at Shoreham Port, costing £232,800. This will be easily the biggest solar system in the city, composed of nearly 1000 panels. Electricity will be fed into the shed and a nearby office block as well as the national grid. We aim to raise this money and complete this installation before moving on to Phase 2.

You can see the Profit and Loss projections for phase 1 here

Phase 2

This involves a similar building at the Port, Shed 3a. Again this is a 200kWp building, so we will look to raise an amount similar to the above before completing installation.

Phase 3

Once phases 1 and 2 are complete, we aim to bring other sites on board. We are still going through discussions and contractual negotiations with these sites so we can’t say who they are, but they include a community building, two residential blocks in Brighton and an industrial unit in Portslade.

Join Brighton Energy Coop now and help support more solar in the South.

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Measuring up Shed 10 at Shoreham Port. Phase 1 will involve the installation of nearly 1000 panels here.

Phases 2 and 3 involve several other large buildings in Brighton and beyond. In total we aim to raise more than £616,000.


By supporting community solar you’re getting behind the largest renewable energy developer in Brighton.

You can view our share invitation that gives you full details of the project.

You can join online here.

Or print out our share application form and send it back to us at the address on the form.[/twocol_one_last]

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