GSBAGuardian Executive Editor Jo Confino is set to address the launch of Brighton Energy Coop’s second project on 25th October.

Jo is a heavy-hitter in the world of sustainability: as well as his executive position at the Guardian he’s also chairman and editorial director of Guardian Sustainable Business, advising Guardian News & Media and Guardian Media Group on their sustainability strategies and producing the Guardian’s award-winning annual sustainability audit.

As a 24-year journalist, he was Wall Street correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and subsequently finance and business news editor for the Guardian. Follow him on Twitter here: @joconfino

Brighton Energy Coop fits well with Jo’s sustainability agenda: community-owned renewable energy is a great way for more local control, engagement and direction of our energy supply.

After Jo’s speech we’ll be laying our the details of Brighton Energy Coop #2, an big new solar development that will grow BEC hugely and install a significant new amount of solar PV in our area.

Investors in our second project can expect to receive a 5% return on new investments, and returns on existing investments will also be raised to 5%. Our new projects will add a further 500Kw of PV, more than trebling the size of BEC.

Look forward to seeing you there!



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