Community organisation Brighton Energy Coop (BEC) has raised more than £130,000 for a huge new solar project – just 13 days after launching the scheme.

Last year the Coop raised £240,000 and installed solar PV at three sites in the Brighton area. This year BEC aims to nearly treble that – and is already off to a flying start. Many local people have joined the scheme; membership starts at £300 and is capped at £20,000.

Members receive a projected return on investment of 5%, as well as a 30% tax break on the amount invested.

The plan is to install more than 2,000 panels at two sites in Shoreham Port, as well as more solar PV on a high-profile local community building, two residential blocks and a community building in Eastbourne.

In total BEC is looking to raise more than £600,000. The first deadline – £232,000 for one of the buildings at Shoreham Port – is the 25th November.

With more than half of that already banked, the Coop looks likely to extend its position as the largest solar developer in Sussex.

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