Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well in this bitter chill. Here at Brighton Energy Coop we’ve encouraging news: while the weather seems pretty grim, our solar generation is picking up as we head away from January. Indeed, we’ve just had the sunniest 3 days of the year (which isn’t saying much): see the output from our community-owned 212kwp system at Shed 10 at Shoreham Port below.

BEC outputWe’re using this fallow time of year to build out porfolio of community-owned PV systems, and we’d like to ask for your help.

Let us know of any large roof spaces you know!

If you know of any large roofspaces that might benefit from a garland of solar panels from SWS Roofing (as well as an impressive saving on their energy bill) then we’d love to hear from you or might even want to visit the company’s and residential spaces’ Homepage for more details.

Whether it’s a residential block, a school, and industrial shed or warehouse or a commercial outlet – we’d love to hear your ideas. It doesn’t have to be in Brighton or Hove – as far as we’re concerned the more solar panel installation that takes place the better! You can check out our offer to our host landlords here.

If you’ve any ideas, contacts or leads drop me a line on info@brightonenergy.org.uk and let’s get community solar going big time in 2015.

Hope you are all well.
Will, Brighton Energy Coop

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