Hi there,

Hope you’re all well – and that you can help. Here at BEC we value your contribution and are keen to understand how you’d like to see the organisation move forward.

To do this on April 9th we’re kicking off a bunch of working groups that will focus on specific areas (see below).

We had an excellent response to our last email looking for new roof owners for community-owned solar PV. We’re always looking for more, however – if you know of any large roofs then let us know.

We’d also like to use the 9th to confirm our new director Terry Walker in place. Terry has been on a trial position since our AGM in October, and has agreed he’d like to take up the position. Terry brings a host of governance and secretarial skills to BEC: check out his Linkedin profile here.

Hope to see you on the 9th!

Brighton Energy Coop

Working Groups meeting, April 9th, 7pm, Brighthelm Centre

Examples of ideas that we might like to grapple with are:

Communications: we’re looking for new ideas to build engagement, participation and collaboration. We’re also keen to boost our own local networking capacity locally. BEC also has some quite large communication channels: what should these be used for? (where do we stand, for example, on an issue such as fracking?)

New Technologies: what new technologies might we consider developing? Anaerobic digestion, battery storage and Biomass boilers, heat pumps – how might we take these forward?

Policy: how does BEC as an organisation want to get involved in the forthcoming local election? We’re also looking for people to get involved in national Policy relating to community energy.

Business Development:  we are always hunting for roof space and sourcing the right people to contact with. The more the merrier, so do you want to be involved?

The meeting is at the Brighthelm Centre, Brighton, April 9th, 7pm.

The need, of course, has never been greater. Engaging on climate change is tough. But we think that by working together we’ll get more done, so I hope to see you there!

Please come along to this interactive meeting and be prepared to write your name and best skills on a post-it, and have some fun!

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