Above: a Qube Renewables anaerobic digestor


Why is Brighton and Hove not recycling its food waste? A Brighton Energy Coop report from a few years ago identified that a staggering 30,000 tonnes of food from commercial companies in Brighton gets thrown into landfill each year. There are many possibilities to tackle this – including anaerobic digestion. But – there is always a but – any solution needs great community effort!

Here at BEC we’d like to engage with our community about what to do about this sorry state of affairs. This – and several other issues – is what we’ll be discussing at our forthcoming:

Brighton Energy Coop working group meeting on the 9th of April, at the Brighthelm Centre, Pelham room, at 7pm

Do come along if you’re interested and don’t forget to RSVP!

On this occasion, BEC members will also be holding an EGM at the end of the meeting to confirm our new director Terry Walker. Check out his Linkedin profile here.

There’s more to discuss together – our suggested working group are listed below. Please come along to tell us what you would like to be involved with

Looking forward seeing you there!


Will Cottrell
Brighton Energy Coop

Working Groups meeting, April 9th, 7pm, Brighthelm Centre

Working groups:

  • Communications: – we’re looking for new ideas to build engagement, participation and collaboration. We’re also keen to boost our own local networking capacity locally. BEC also has some quite large communication channels: what should these be used for?
  • New Technologies: – what new technologies might we consider developing? Anaerobic digestion, battery storage and Biomass boilers, heat pumps – how might we take these forward?
  • Policy: – how does BEC as an organisation want to get involved in the forthcoming local election? We’re also looking for people to get involved in national Policy relating to community energy.
  • Business Development: – we are always hunting for roof space and sourcing the right people to contact with. The more the merrier, so do you want to be involved?

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