Brighton Energy Coop has recently raised more than £200,000 as part of our ongoing share offer. This means that our organisation is now worth just under £900,000 – all invested in new community-owned renewable energy. We are the largest community energy scheme on the south cost – as well as one of Brighton’s biggest solar developers.

Our most recent fundraising is to build a new solar PV system at Park Gate in Hove. Work began on Tuesday, our installers are currently braving the rain to fit the framing system. See more about our projects here.

Framing System going on at Park Gate

Framing System going on at Park Gate

We have several other sites which we’ll announce soon – if you’d like to join us see our share offer document here.  Members get a 5% interest on their investment as well as a 30% EIS tax break. Note that you need to join before 27th November in order to qualify for EIS  – see my blog post here.

Many thanks to all our new members that are supporting our current solar rollout. 50 new members have recently joined BEC, and a similar amount of existing members have added to their investment. That’s fantastic news – not only are we increasing our membership, but existing members are so happy with their investments that they are investing more.

You can join them here.

Meanwhile, I hope you are all well


Will Cottrell

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