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The rather beautiful mapping tool above recently revealed a rather scary fact. Last week – for the first time – the Jet Streams began to mix. It may not sound like much. But it shows that climate change in spreading, and behaving in unpredictable ways.

A mixing of the northern and southern jet streams is yet another reason to act on climate. To expect our political representatives to take action is naive – we need to act. Whether it’s actions against fracking, battling Arctic drilling, divesting from fossil fuels, or lobbying your MP there are many ways to do that.

Community Energy is another – and it gives you a chance to put your money where your mouth is. Here at Brighton Energy Coop we’re about to begin our eighth community-owned solar PV install – at Infinity Foods Wholesale warehouse in Shoreham. We’re part of a giant movement that’s building out renewable energy across the country. In the first three months of this year alone community energy knocked out £120m of new renewables.

By joining BEC you’ll be part of this growing movement – and help support new renewables. Investment starts at £300 and all members receive a 5% return on their investment. We need your support to help build more solar this summer – we’ve got 90kWp of new solar PV to put on Infinity’s roof, another system on Refine Metals near Horsham (200kWp), as well as up to five other roofs – an academy, a university, and several businesses – ready for solar PV.

We’re aiming to double our capacity over the next few months – and you can help. Investments in Brighton Energy Coop are Inheritance Tax Free, and help put more solar PV out there just when we most need it.

The movement is getting there. This highly-informative video by Jeremy Leggett is an excellent look at how the fossil fuel industry is declining.


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