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I’m very pleased to say that we’re working with a veritable Brighton institution – the Big Lemon Bus Company – on our latest project – solar-powered electric buses in Brighton. You can help – we’ve applied to the Marks and Spencer Community Energy fund to partially pay for this innovative project (we think it’s a UK first) – vote here to support us, or to find out more check out the video below (see it here on youtube)

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It works like this: Brighton Energy Coop installs solar PV on the roof of the Big Lemon’s bus depot in Whitehawk, Brighton. This solar array has been carefully sized to fit the Solar Buses’ daily needs; this solar power is then stored in a battery. When the buses return from their daily rounds, they plug in at the depot, and charge overnight ready for the next day’s work.

Please help us realise this goal, by voting for us on the M&S website. You could also share our Facebook video or tweet:

I’ve just helped & with their project. It’s amazing, please help them too 🙂

Working with the Big Lemon is another reminder that the best way to get things done is in partnership. As well as our recent collaboration with Infinity Foods, BEC is working with, among others: St George’s Church, City Coast Church, Park Gate Residents Society – as well as our long-standing relationship with Shoreham Port. As well as building loads more solar PV in our city, we’re also supporting these organisations by providing them with cheap, clean electricity – so everyone benefits.

And we’re not done yet. Watch out next week for the announcement of two new sites on which we are poised to install new solar PV on; working again with some great Brighton institutions.

Watch this space!



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