Hi folks,

I’m very pleased to tell you that we have just announced our latest community energy scheme – this time partnering with the University of Brighton at their Eastbourne campus. See here for more details.

This a great opportunity to support more community energy. Building on our relationship with the University (we installed solar at their Varley Halls site in Brighton in October), BEC aims to install community-funded solar at two buildings in Eastbourne: Hillbrow Sports Centre and the Robert Dodd building.

The new system will provide the University with clean, green energy year round. By joining BEC you’ll gain a share in the fastest growing solar developer in the south, 5% interest on your investment and the chance to support more locally-owned renewable energy.

The installation at Eastbourne adds to our many partnerships across the city, including Infinity Foods, Portslade Aldridge Community Academy, Shoreham Port and many more.

You can join BEC here to help us grow .

A Reasonable Rate of Return

Brighton Energy Coop is performing well: we’ve hit our 5% interest targets for the last two years and the same this year.

This compares favourably to the Bank of England rate which has been at 0.5% or below for five years or more.

The UoB project is for two buildings: the Hillbrow sports centre will be fitted with 452 SolarWorld SW 265W panels (see pic) and will be installed by our installer partner, GenFit. This power from these panels will flow to four SolarEdge inverters, and the electricity produced will all be used by the building.

The Robert Dodd Annexe has a similar system but smaller, with identical panels running to just one inverter.

I very much hope that you’ll be interested in supporting our latest project, either through joining BEC – or you can share this post about our exciting launch.

Will Cottrell
Brighton Energy Coop

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