Littlehampton-based Naiad Plastics is set to host this 30kWp solar array


Community energy notched up another victory today with the announcement that Littlehampton toolmaker Naiad Plastics will be Brighton Energy Coop’s next community-owned solar PV build.

Naiad, a manufacturing company who make injection mouldings and precision tools, will host a 30kWp BEC solar system on their roof, which will save the organisation £1000 each year on their electricity bills.

The system is free for Naiad, and will be paid for by members of Brighton Energy Coop, who will receive 5% interest on their investment. The system will be built by our regular installation contractor, Generation FIT.

Naiad joins many other organisations hosting BEC community-owned solar in the Littlehampton area, including BCMY (who recycle printer cartridges), Medisort (who process medical waste) and RT Page (logistics). Many other commercial companies already host BEC systems, including Shoreham Port, and Refine Metals in Horsham, and save thousands on their energy bills each year.

The new partnership increases the number of BEC partners to sixteen. In the past six years more than 400 local members have invested in Brighton Energy Coop and provided the £1.8m required to pay for these solar PV systems. In total Brighton Energy Coop now operates more than 1.6MW of community-owned solar PV.

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