New Projects for 2018

This year BEC has already implemented lots of new community-funded renewable projects. Our team has been beavering away to get these exciting new partnerships of the ground – so it’s with great pleasure that we completed the below systems.

Individual action can do little about climate change – but by joining BEC you can demonstrate that collective action makes a difference. Investments receive a projected 5% interest – just as we have delivered for existing members for the past three years.

Most of the Brighton Energy Coop team in Jan 2018

RT Page

System: 100kWp
Expected Generation: 90,000kWh/ pa
CO2 saved: 4050kg/ pa

RT Page is a distribution firm in Barnham, offering transport services across the UK & abroad. Our new PV system covers two of RT Page’s main buildings, providing lots of clean, green power for the company’s logistics systems.


System Size: 60kWp
Expected Generation: 54,000kWh/ pa
CO2 saved: 2430kg/ pa

Based near Littlehampton, Medisort specialise in the recyling of medical waste. Medisort’s 600m2 roof is an ideal
home for a 60kWp BEC system, saving the company thousands o their electricity bill each year.


System Size: 60kWp
Expected Generation: 57,000kWh/ pa
CO2 saved: 2675kg/ pa

Littlehampton-based BCMY recycle phones, ink and toner cartridges. BCMY are a great fit for BEC’s community ethos – they donate much of the money raised from recycling goods to charity. The company operates from a 33,000 sq ft warehouse, which provides two optimum roofs: south-facing, tilted at an good angle and for great PV generation.

Naiad Plastics

System Size: 30kWp
Expected Generation: 27,000kWh/ pa
CO2 saved: 1230kg/ pa

Naiad Plastics, a manufacturing company who make injection mouldings and precision tools, will host a 30kWp BEC solar system on their roof, which will save the organisation £1000 each year on their electricity bills.