Why Invest in Community Energy?

Putting money into community projects means getting involved in positive local schemes – and get a return on your cash too.

But it is about more than just income. It’s also a way to help our community tackle global issues.

Research shows that 42% of British adults with investments want to “make money and make a difference”, with over one in three wanting at least a quarter of their investments to include green and ethical considerations. A further one in 10 wants green and ethical considerations in a smaller proportion of their investments.

An example is Simon Jones, a 60-year-old director from Brighton, who has money in funds including Brighton Energy Coop as well as several others. “I don’t consider myself to be an ethical investor, as such,” he says: “I don’t invest in tobacco or arms but other than that, the funds respond to longer-term trends affecting the UK, as well as the global market; many happen to address issues like the energy crisis.”

“I see the Brighton Energy Coop project as a way to invest ethically and support a worthwhile local scheme.”

You can join Brighton Energy Coop here.